“To be the global leader in producing competent and dynamic professionals.”



“Bridging the global human capital needs by focusing on excellence in teaching, research, innovation & consultancy.”

Core Values


Integrity is defined as moral excellence, honesty, wholeness or soundness. This value hierarchically tops the value list. Being excellent morally, with honesty and respect will reflect the image and standings of AMU. The work ethics and work culture practiced in AMU will be within the boundaries of high integrity.


Energiser means to give or provide energy to. Employees are expected to be productive and able to hold multiple roles, multiple tasks or obligations. Besides being productive, employees should also be able to motivate others to play their roles effectively. A quality of a knowledgeable worker is one who performs and at the same time will drive others immensely towards productive work and shouldering responsibilities.


Professionalism is the quality associated with a profession especially in terms of knowledge, skills excellence, expertise and a high quality of service amongst others. AMU University College of Health Sciences is the largest nursing college in the Asia-Pacific Region. Being the biggest also warrants AMU to be the best. The overall component that makes it to be the best is the level of professionalism developed by all levels of staff, not only in the Academic Department but also in every stratum of AMU.


Rapid changes in technological advancements and developments also change the course of education globally. Adaptability is the quality that is required in all staff for them to be able to suit to new conditions, situations, changes or able to adjust to the rapid developments at AMU. In order to lead the industry and sustain the intellectual stability within the learning community, employees of AMU must be open to changes and developments.


Harmony concerns working relationships amongst staff, staff and students, staff and staff and staff with the senior management team. The closeness and cooperation between staff is vital, especially for an organisation like AMU. Being a client based organisation, the quality of services provided would be dependent on how well the working relationship among the employees is. The workplace must function as a closely-knit family, which should withstand intense pressure. The existence of harmony in AMU enables it to portray a happy and conducive learning environment that the college has to offer to the clients, mainly students.