Date Publication Section Page Headline
Aug 2015 AIRASIA Inflight Magazine Travel 3Sixty Issue : No. 97 157 AMU Advertisement
July 29 2015, Wed Media Press Release AEGB Launching
July 17 2015, Fri Harian Metro Lahir Doktor Penyayang
July 2 2015, Thur Malay Mail Doctor’s moral dilemma – demand or necessity
June 20 2015, Sat NSTP Masterskill Selling More Assets
Jan 17 2015 FocusM SMRT Confident of MEGB Deal Approval
07 June 2012, Thu News Strait Times Masterskill denies takeover talk, open to partnership
07 June 2012, Thu The Malaysian Reserve Masterskill turnaround by 4Q on higher intakes
07 June 2012, Thu The Edge Financial Daily 6 Masterskill diversifies to stem fall in earnings
12 Mar 2012, Mon The Edge Healthcare reform could impact Malaysia
17 Oct 2011, Mon Utusan Malaysia 24 Sultan Kelantan rasmi Kolej Masterskill Kampus Metro Kota Bharu
02 Sept 2011, Fri The Sun Sun Biz 15 14 M’sian firms on ‘Best Under a Billion’ list
07 Aug 2011, Sun The Sunday Post Mastering skills in healthcare support
13 Jul 2011, Wed The Star Towards a safe working environment
10 Jul 2011, Sun News Straits Times Hone childcare skills at Masterskill
07 Jul 2011, Thu Berita Harian Varsiti – Berita IPT 10 Kolej Masterskill labur RM250 juta buka kampus di Bangi
29 Jun 2011, Wed Utusan Ceria
29 Jun 2011, Wed Kosmo Ceria
02 Jun 2011, Thu Tamil Malaysia Nanban 16 Masterskill has new target
02 Jun 2011, Thu News Straits Times Business Times B4 Masterskill to introduce Business Studies
02 Jun 2011, Thu Tamil Nesan 15 Masterskill has new target
02 Jun 2011, Thu Sin Chew Daily Business 02 To meet potential local & foreign target, Masterskill to look for a strategic partnership
02 Jun 2011, Thu Berita Harian Ekonomi 30 Masterskill kembang perniagaan
02 Jun 2011, Thu China Press Business F1 Masterskill to expand market
02 Jun 2011, Thu Kosmo Niaga 52 Masterskill optimis perniagaan akan terus berkembang
02 Jun 2011, Thu Nanyang Siang Pau Stocks & Currencies B8 Masterskill to explore foreign market through franchise
02 Jun 2011, Thu Oriental Daily Masterskill search land to build college
02 Jun 2011, Thu The Sun Sun Biz 16 Masterskill plans to open business school
02 Jun 2011, Thu Utusan Malaysia Business 20 Masterskill tawar kursus baru
30 May 2011, Mon The Malaysian Reserve Confident Masterskill gets buy call
25 May 2011, Wed CIMB Research keeps Buy on Masterskill, TP RM4.48
01 May 2011, Sun Business Times Masterskill shareholders enjoy greater dividend
14 May 2011, Tue The Star Starbizweek SBW12 MEGB seeks RM100mil from STMB
03 May 2011, Tue News Straits Times Up to agencies to deal with loan defaulters
30 Apr 2011, Sat The Star Masterskill wins suit against STMB
14 Apr 2011, Thu Malaysia Chronicle Masterskill’s strategic move into Indonesia
03 Jan 2011, Mon KLSE Winner – Investment Blog Is MEGB Still Worth To Invest?
29 Apr 2011, Fri Borneo Post Online Home – Business Masterskill ventures into non-healthcare alliance
31 Mar 2011, Thu The Edge Malaysia OSK Research maintains Trading Buy on Masterskill, unch FV RM3.44
29 Mar 2011, Tue The Edge Financial Daily Masterskill to collaborate with Kinta Medical Centre
29 Mar 2011, Tue The Malaysian Reserve Masterskill, KMC to set up physiotherapy centre
29 Mar 2011, Tue Kosmo Pusat fisioterapi Masterskill, KMC
23 Mar 2011, Wed The Malaysian Reserve Masterskill gets approval for nursing degree at Cheras campus
19 Mar 2011, Sat The Borneo Post Lucky pioneer students receive netbooks from Masterskill
20 Mar 2011, Sun News Straits Times Get foundation to health sciences at Masterskill
19 Mar 2011, Sat News Straits Times Masterskill gets ministry nod for new programme
15 Feb 2011, Tue The Borneo Post Region D1 Education with real life exposure at Masterskill
14 Feb 2011, Mon The Borneo Post Region D1 Masterskill promotes spirit of lifelong learning
24 Feb 2011, Thu The Edge Financial Daily Masterskill posts RM102M net profit for FY10
09 Feb 2011, Wed The Star Masterskill promotes lifelong learning
02 Feb 2011, Wed The Star Managing the community’s health system
16 Jan 2011, Sun News Straits Times Top hands on training at Masterskill
12 Jan 2011, Wed The Star Higher Education SS14 Securing a job
29 Nov 2010, Mon The Edge Malaysia Business & finance 16 Local funds taking another look at Masterskill
21 Nov 2010, Sun New Sunday Times Learning Curve, Excellence in Education H6 Masterskill zeroes in on health informatics
14 Nov 2010, Sun The Sunday Post Education D8 Big demand for medical lab professionals
14 Nov 2010, Sun The Sunday Post Education D1 Health care goes high-tech
14 Nov 2010, Sun New Sunday Times Learning Curve H6 Gain a MLT diploma at Masterskill
Week of Sept 27 – Oct 3 2010 The Edge Malaysia Corporate 18 Masterskill CEO clears the air